The Last Moments are an Alternative Hard-rock band based out of Philadelphia, PA. While taking inspiration from the alternative music of the 90’s and blending in some punk and heavy metal elements, the band has created their own unique sound.

Established in 2019, the band includes members Kenny Windfelder on guitar & vocals, Joe Urban on guitar, Jack Whiteman on bass & Kevin Krimson on drums. While this line-up is a somewhat recent development, the members have been playing in and around each other’s projects for years (decades in some cases). Urban & Windfelder have been collaborating together since 2016, and played in a previous band, The Junkyard, with Kevin Krimson. Windfelder and Whiteman have been playing music together in multiple bands since their highschool years, and in 2008 their band ZeeDocta re-located to Los Angeles and was briefly signed to a development deal with Warner Bros Records. In addition to creating original music with The Last Moments, all four members of the group also play in the band Green Jello aka Green Jelly as well as Philadelphia based tribute act “Phil-O-Jelphia”.

The combination of a dynamic dual guitar attack paired with a thunderous rhythm section is the cornerstone of The Last Moments' sound. A vast array of influences can be heard, as the music can range from mellow and subdued to violent and angry (often within the same song) which really showcases the band’s musical chemistry and ability to create an atmosphere and set a mood.

The Last Moments have independently released two singles “June Stars” & “The Collapse” prior to their debut EP “Things Are Going Swimmingly” in December 2022. While currently writing the next batch of songs, the band has been growing their fan base by playing live in and around the Philadelphia area.